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Dupla only??

Stephen Pushak wrote:

>Subject: Re: Deformed growth on Hygros

....I think laterite has been demonstrated
>as useful in the context of the Dupla straegy; <big snip> ....>Laterite
works only because it is part of the whole Dupla system. If your goal is to
avoid the commercial approach... <snip>

Oh Goddess -- here I am dipping my toe in the water and I don't even know
all the correct buzzwords -- but I'm puzzled, Steve. If this is the case
then how come experienced hobbyists have such good success using laterite
in the subtrate and NOT the rest of the Dupla products? Remember Karen's
excellent "cookbook" for tank set-up she posted not long ago? -- commercial
aquarium laterite mixed into the bottom of a layer of "traction sand" with
Tropica Master Grow fertilizer and Jobes sticks. I think one can say with
certainty that Karen has good success -- so what's this "Lateriate works
*only* because it is part of the *whole* Dupla system"???? There must be
plenty of evidence from hobbyists that laterite is an excellent thing to
put in the bottom layer of a substrate whether or not one uses a single
other "Dupla" product. And is Dupla the only company that sells aquarium

I presume the last comment about "commercial approach" is about cost --
well, as the laterite is a one time buy it really isn't all that expensive
-- considering the overall cost of the hobby -- really a drop in the bucket
(or should I say tank). :)

who is no expert and puzzled here in SNOWY (oh no) Vancouver -- and it's
still coming down.