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Re: Water Quality Reports

In a message dated 98-01-03 04:13:06 EST, you write:

<< I have finally decided to go back to using tap water for my planted
> aquarium. Using RO or DI water and then adding back elements eg. Calcium,
> Magnesium & PMDD appears to still be leaving me with a deficiency of some
>   I still plan to pre-filter my water through an activated Carbon block -
> this reduce/take out any of these important elements ?
First, A carbon filter won't take out anything from water treated by RO or a
quality DI unit.
Second, a water quality report from your local water authority will be
irrelevant once the water has been processed by RO or DI.
The trick to solving your problem here would seem to be a combination of
analysis, observation, and searching the archives about the symptoms you have.
You're missing some trace element because of the RO water, but time and
patience will show you what you need.

Bob Dixon