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DIY reflector

I thought of using reflective stickers as reflectors on my hood during
construction.  These high quality 3M brand stickers are use for outdoor
signs and advertisements.  They are water, heat, fading, peeling, cracking
resistant and even has a guarantee.  It's very light and you can cut it any
way you want.  Chrome and white colors are available.  I guess cost will
vary in different parts of the world.

BUT, the application is not so simple.  Some you simply peel and stick. 
Most types will require a wet application where you will need a squeegee to
squeeze out bubbles trapped underneath the sticker.  I don't know how well
it sticks to wood but it will stick better on aluminum or plastic or
something with a smooth surface.

Mine is a wooden hood, I ended up with white paint which I already had. 
Maybe somebody who already tried this can share the pros and cons.  Hope
this helps, Simone.

5js at usc_edu.ph