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Crypt. balansae, the word Chill

Paul Krombholz, in cool, breezy Jackson, Mississippi writes:

<<>When competent evidence is presented that another person had given the same
>plant a DIFFERENT species name, AT AN EARLIER DATE, the name must change to
>the earliest name.............

With this group of long, narrow-leaved crypts, I am guessing that the
current thinking is that a number of separate species are really all
varieties of one species, C. crispatula.  So now we have C. crispatula,
var. balansae, C. crispatla, var. tonkinensis, C. crispatula, var.
flacidifolia, (spelling probably wrong)  and several other varieties I
can't remember>>  ??? flacidifolia??? Limp leaves???

Then, Art Giacosa
Miami, Florida writes

<<I believe that Neils Jacobsen in 1985 showed that it should be C.
crispatula var. balansae.>>

Got it. Which would most probably mean that C. crispatula is the earliest
name, and some other Doctoral Student is busily ferreting through the various
pressed Type Specimens in the world's Herbariums, and writing a dissertation.

VERY brief aside! :-D

 The following paper, with a title that I partially quote, <<. . . Research on
the Dunging Habits of Swine. . . . >> was attached to the Departmental
Bulletin Board, to which a colleague attached the following comment. <<Ah, the
Merciless Advance of Science.>> :-)

By now, everybody probably wishes I had not asked in the first place!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa

Oh, yes. "Chill" is a modern younger folks abbreviation for about three
paragraphs, which basically say that no offense was meant, there is a
misunderstanding here, perhaps I used ambiguous language, I am sorry, I had no
intention of putting you down, but could we forget any unintended
disparagement and get back to the scientific argument, etc. 

It is not meant to be curt, just understood to contain a lot of meaning. Saves
time and typing and all that. :-)