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Re: Diatom Filter Powder

Hi Jonathon...I have had a Diatom Filter by Vortex for over three
years..they are a fantastic piece of equipment that has been in use by lots
of aquarium owners for many years...BTW I have a friend that has used one
for over 25 years and he is just now needing a replacement part!!  Anyway I
use Diatom Powder from the local hardware store...for swimming pools..if
you need any advise on your new filter please feel free to write me
> Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 07:57:07 +0800
> From: "Jonathan Uy" <5js at durian_usc.edu.ph>
> Subject: diatom filter powder
> I'm planning to get a Vortex but the LFS does not sell the refill powder.

> It will take quite a while to special order it.