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Perhaps someone can give the scientific definition of laterite?

As far as I know, laterite was originally the term given to a type of
reddish highly weathered and leached soil found in a part of India, The
term is no longer used by geologist (my guess would be because there are
many different types of reddish highly weathered, highly leached soil in
many parts of the world and the original definition cannot described all
of them). What I think is laterite may not be the same as your laterite.
BUT, you know, I think it doesn't matter. What does matter is that there
are many diffferent paths to a successful planted aquarium (as have been
stated so many times before) AND that it is important for every hobbyist
to be scientific about his interest ie. learn a bit about
botany/horticulture, try out one/different systems and observe the
reactions of the plants, keep records and experiment.  This is about the
only way to eventually come up with a consistent system that works for

Oh yeah, my system consist of a UGF plate and uplift tubes (no pump), a
thin layer of crushed charcoal top with about 2 inches of laterite - at
least I think they are laterite. I am very satisfied with my setup
especially since I can use cheap horticultural fertiliser and I can pour a
concentrated solution of it straight down the uplift tubes once in a while
for all my fertilisation needs. And I need not change water - have not
changed water for maybe six months now. Sure my few months old tank would
probably come last in any contest, but my plants are growing and flowering
and thats enough for me. I suspect, also for most hobbyist. 


Richard KHOO Guan Chen
e-mail: khoogc at singnet_com.sg
snail-mail: 38-A, Lorong 23, Geylang, Singapore 388372