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Re: Hagen Aqua-glo tubes

Hi Antonio,

I've got an aqua-glo and a flora-glo in my small 18"x12"x12". I was in my
local aquatic shop yesterday. I noticed that for a given size of tube the
output of the aqua-glo was 280 (I think the unit was lumins) and 600 for the
flora-glo. When I got home I could clearly see the flora-glo was much brighter
than the aqua-glo. Also the spectrum of the flora-glos is especially designed
for growing plants. So it maybe false economy to buy the aqua-glos. 
Its worth noting the output of the power-glo tubes is even greater. The
problem is that there is a lot of blue in the spectrum which encourages algae
to grow. Also the photosynthesis of the plants is more sensitive to the
red/yellow end of the spectrum. Hope this helps.

Anthony O'Halloran

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