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Re: deformed growth on Hygros

Bryan wrote:

>Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 15:34:25 -0700
>From: "Bryan Olynyk" <ots at shaw_wave.ca>
>Subject: Deformed growth on Hygros>>>

>I have been stumped by this problem for quite some time. New growth is 
>deformed asymmetrical and sometimes stunted most apparent in fast growing 
>species under higher light. (old leaves are dropping prematurely as well)
>The following varieties seem to be most affected:
> -Hygro corymbosa, siamensis, polysperma
>-Ludwigia arcuata, glandulosa
>-Mayaca and rotala wallichii.

>Tank info:
>~4 months old
>108gal ~200W florescent(warm/cool split) ~10hr days
>CO2 injection, Minimal filtration (provided by filter wool in sump)
>Temp: 78F Water change 10% per week
>Fertilization: Tropica Master grow @ 50mL / week + 10mL each water
>Jobes plant sticks for ferns 12 sticks in substrate (added 1 week ago)
>Substrate: 10mm-gravel base, vermiculite mid, 5mm-gravel top. total 3"
>Iron Levels at ~0.1ppm, PH 7.3 and "moderate hardness" as is the tapwater
>There is some filament algae growt.

>At first I thought this was a potassium def. but I should have plenty 
>coming from the master grow. Nitrogen was my next guess, hence the Jobes 
>sticks. Could I be overdosing with the Master Grow even with the iron 
>levels at 0.1ppm? Perhaps the substrate being new is sucking nutrients
>the water? I'm perplexed.
>I don't mind a little slower growth but the deformed leaves are just plain


>Has anyone had a similar situation? (maybe a type of new tank syndrome?)
>Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Bryan

In the TMG there is a lot of magnesium and no calcium, the hardness you are
reading from your tests comes from all the Mg you are adding weekly with
the TMG but not from calcium that should be very low expecially if you have
a lot of snails fighting for it. Your water changes could not be enough to
supply calcium to your tank try to increase or add calcium in your water

Calcium deficiency symptoms are very similar to the ones you described.

Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)