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Re: Hygrophila polysperma

>Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 09:20:40 +0100
>From: "Simone e Pierluigi Vicini" <psvicini at mdnet_it>
>Does anyone of you have Hygrophyla polisperma growing brown?
>I cannot grow it green maybe for the laterite in the gravel. It grows
>quickly and with big leaves now but it's brown. The other think is that all
>my plants seem to grow well but they are not very green. I mean that deep
>and bright green. I'm adding K but maybe I should switch to HQI lamp or
>maybe a fluorescent bulb with an high color temperature.

It may be due to light with too much intensity!  Many plants develop a reddish 
pigment on the leaves near the surface to protect them from the bright light. 
Sort of like people getting a sun tan. Are the lower leaves green or is the 
whole plant brownish?  If you suspect this, try increasing the distance from the 
light to the water as an experiment.