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Dupla spokesperson / Kitty litter / Laterite / Soils etc

Gosh,  If I had been new to this list and the first things I read were the
recent whinings on this soil / Dupla method, I'd have said to myself " Gosh
that Dupla method spokesperson guy is sure an arrogant, closed minded jerk".
But since I have been lurking on the list for over a year now, and have
appreciated most of what George has contributed to this information pool,  I
think " Gosh, that Dupla method spokesperson guy  is sure..."

Come on George, you are making this not so much fun.  If this were a
scientific forum, and Stephen Pushak was being nominated for some grand
award for his exhaustive studies of soil, many of the questions you asked
would be very appropriate, however,  it is not, and I wish you would lay off
the attack.  I really enjoyed reading Stephen's articles because it made me
THINK.  I am not going to run out an reproduce his methods exactly, but I am
planning on taking some of his information and setting up some EXPERIMENTS
to come to my own conclusions.  IMHO, ANYONE can spend a buch of money,
follow step by step instructions, and get plants to grow, but what have you
LEARNED.  If those had been the  methods of the human race up to this point
in history, I think we'd have suffered a bit of progress in the quest for
technology, knowlege and understanding. 

I saw nowhere that Stephen claimed he was THE authority on soil, or its
ability to support plant growth.  What I did see were well written articles
with obviously a lot of research, time and thought put into them.  The folks
I admire most are the  that EXPERIMENT, and try NEW THINGS, no matter how
rediculous they sound... remember that the earth was flat at one time too.
Reporting on ones findings and being subjected to the flogging that
sometimes seems to occur here (Dan Q episode(s) come to mind) is not
conducive to keeping and OPEN MIND.

Why not use the approach  "Thanks for the interesting article on soils and
their ability to...  does anyone know or have reference to information about
how CEC of substrates afffect different plant growth..."   We can be polite,
we are adults.

-Pete Schmidt
In Bellingham, WA, half expecting a 4k reply reprimanding me for trying to
keep an open mind, and how that doesn't follow  the Dupla method.