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balansae or crispatula?

A recent post said that Cryptocoryne balansae had been "reclassified as

I am puzzled. My understanding is, the Genus can be reclassified, but the
species cannot be given a different name. Also, "he who names first is right,"
meaning only that the first person who classifies a "new" plant determines the
species name. Sometimes, however, a SECOND person, at a later time, also
"classifies" and "names" a plant, and THAT name is the one in general use.
When competent evidence is presented that another person had given the same
plant a DIFFERENT species name, AT AN EARLIER DATE, the name must change to
the earliest name.  

The only exceptions are, for example, like the Grand Eclectus Parrot. The male
and female of that species are so dramatically different, that they were
originally classified as separate species. When it was proven that they were
only male and female of the SAME species, the earliest species name was
applied to "both" "species," and the "later, but incorrect" species name was

In plants, the common illustration is the change from Pseudotsuga taxifolia to
Pseudotsuga menzisii. That change was a bit annoying, because the "correct"
species is not nearly so interesting as the "wrong" species name. Pseudotsuga
taxifolia translates to "False Fir with leaves like a Yew," which is a pretty
good description of how the branches and leaves appear. Pseudotsuga menzisii
only means "False Fir, named after Menzisi." No fun there! However, the
"correct" species name was given, and placed on the preserved "type specimen"
many years before the "wrong, but it sure was a nice name" name was recorded
on a different specimen in a different Herbarium. 

Cheers!  Happy New Year

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Or, as the cottontail said, "Hoppy New Year."

So, is it balansae or crispatula? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)