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iron content of soils

>Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 01:43:49 -0800
>From: Stephen Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
>Dave Gomberg's comment prompted me to triple-check my references on the
>iron content of soils. My numbers come from an article in TAG vol 6:4 in
>by Diana Walstad entitled "Iron: The Limiting Nutrient for Algae?". She
>     "Iron, silicates and aluminum are the major components of mineral
>soils, with iron the fourth most abundatn element in the earth's crust.
>(Bowen, Brand). The total iron content varies from 1 mg/g soil in some
>leached sands to over 3000 mg/g in some tropical soils such as laterite

I'm a bit confused here.  Is mg/g a ratio of the number of milligrams of
iron per gram of soil?  if so, then 1 mg/g is equal to 0.1% Fe in soil, but
3000 mg/g is equal to 300% Fe in soil.  I'd call that supersaturated. ;-)
Either I'm missing something in the translation, or something is incorrect.

Might it be mg/kg?

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