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Re: uh, forgot one.

Oops.  Forgot this one.

> > But the Kd value for hydroxides apparently drops off as
> > the sediment "matures" - perhaps because the surface adsorbtion sites
> > are already occupied but more likely because the hydroxide particulates
> > are very "fluffy" when they're new but consolidate over time and lose
> > much of their surface area.
> How could these be "renewed"? Is there another way to achieve the same
> effect? This sounds like a very interesting area for further discussion.

I think the aging process is irreversible.  Such is life.

It is possible to roast the hydroxides at high enough temperature to
volatize or burn off some of the organic compounds adsorbed on them.  This
renews part of the original capacity, but it doesn't restore the effect of
the hydoxide consolidating over time.

Roger Miller