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Java Ferns

Subject: Java Fern

I don't have much to add on the black spots, although in this case, I don't
think the original writer was referring to the spore spots on the leaves.
I have seen and heard of a number of people having intermittent problems
with Java Ferns turning black and "melting". (sort of like a slow motion
form of what happens to Crypts)  The good news is that as long as the
rhyzome is left in place, they stand usually grows back as good as new.

Thomas Kryger wrote:

>BTW my tank-plants are mostly javaferns, both bought from tropica, and
some of the small >ones you get from the old leaves, whitch I use as a sort
of foreground plant since they >generally only getabout 5 cm/2inch tall.

I would suspect you have some deficiency in your tank in terms of plant
growth.  These "leaf babies" should attain adult size under good aquarium
conditions without any problems.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association