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Acrylic Ouch!

Seems any advice on what grows where won't really be needed for a few more
weeks.  My brother in law and I learned an expensive lesson on tank
building  here in San Francisco

He ordered a custom tank from TruVue to use as a room divider.  It measures
36 long, 24 wide, 24 high.  One of the 24" sides was supposed to be the
back.  TruVue thought he wanted it to lay against the wall and not project
out.  Therefore, they made it so that front and back of the tank are 36"
long.  Custom tanks can't be returned, so he's got this great 90 gallon
tank, that can't be used as intended.  If anyone might be interested, it
can be had for a lot less than new.  It is dry and has never seen water,
sand, gravel, roots, biology, etc, etc.  Indeed, the warranty card is
unmarked, and it can be filled out as an original sale through the shop
where it was purchased.

Original purchase price, 2 days ago, was $375.  Any reasonable offer will
be seriously considered.  You can reply via email, or leave a message at


Thayer Syme


Thayer Syme                                            Model Aviation Homepage
San Francisco      http://www.sirius.com/~thayer/modelhp.html