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Re: Black spots on Microsorum

Just so no one is confused... if the black spots are circular, regular 
and appear in rows, then they are likely the fruiting structures which 
any fern produces... if the black spots are irregular and have the 
tendency to expand over time, then they are caused by leaf decay, most 
likely due to some type of nutrient deficiency.


These are the holidays! Chill
Whenever I quote a study or scientific results the information was 
collected in a sound manner... by that I mean adequate controls, 
satistical analyses and above all, healthy plants. For instance, I spent 
a year, seven days a week, 8 to 12 hours a day learning how to grow Lemna 
trisulca BEFORE  I started my growth experiments... this is not unusual. 
The best experimenters typically use 'weed' species (thats where the 
funding is) and will have their plants doubling every two to four days 
during experiments. In experiments where HEALTHY plants have been grown 
side by side with and without a fertile substrate, the plants in sand 
have always grown statistically less than the plants in soil... even in 
the presence of an enriched water column. If you want references, read 
John Barkos stuff... hes American and probably THE reference on the 
mineral nutrition of aquatic plants.

Happy holidays