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What grows where?

Hi all,

Thanks for such an enjoyable forum.  I have learned a lot, and helped to
inspire a few friends to give plants more thought with my own minir
successes.  As my brother in law and I research his new xmas show tank, we
were wondering about what grows where.  Lots of info is available about
locations once you are looking at specific plants, but we were wondering if
there a website that says species x, y, z are generally found in the Amazon
Basin, while in SE Asia, the following are found.  In other words, we are
looking for info based on geography as opposed to having natural location
be but of minor apparent interest.

Specifically, he is planning to set up a heavily planted tank representing
South American species of plants as well as fish.  Obviously Discus will be
the "show" fish, but he wants to place them with appropriate neighbors, and
plants.  It is the plants we are having a tough time determining.




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