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Re: Dry Kitty Litter in a set up tank

> Scotts (mfr. of garden products) also makes an aquatic plant soil (I
> think that's what they call it).  It's a fine clay, about the size of
> clumping cat litter or coarse beach sand.  Here in Hawaii, it sells
> for about $9 per 10 lb. bag.  It's sold as a 'soil' for lilies, but
> doesn't have any fertilizers, trace elements, etc. added.  We bought
> it at a local garden shop.  It comes in a fancy glossy paper bag with
> color pictures on it.
We have a bagful beneath a 1" layer of #3 gravel in a 90 gal. tank.  The
only plants in there are vals and some java fern and java moss tied to
driftwood, and they are doing fine.  No, I haven't checked the pH, but
our fish are doing fine (angels, gouramis, SAEs).  However, it tends to
mix with the gravel because it's so fine, and some of it inevitably gets
siphoned out when we 'vacuum' the gravel.

Happy Holidays!

Wade Shimoda
Honolulu, HI