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Re: Dry Kitty Litter in a set up tank

    > The tank is set up with 1,5" of kitty Litter (made from betonite
    > clay)

That's not the kind of kitty litter you wanted (glad to know it now,
huh?) Not only, as noted, does it turn to one of the gooiest
substances in existence, but it may jack your pH around (it did when I 
was testing kitty litters to decide which one to use.) 

I don't know if there's anything you can do but tear the tank down and
start over. Look for a cheap litter that's plain ground clay and
nothing else. Dan Q told me once that Hartz was good, but I was not
able to find it locally. You might also check out garage floor
absorbents that are made of ground clay. But before you use any in
your tank, mix some with water and see where your pH goes.

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