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Ghost Shrimp Extra

Those 'Ghost Shrimps' are not the ones used by Armano in his
nature aquarium.
The ones he used are Cardina japonica, or also known as Yamato-numa Ebi
(in Japanese). It is a beautiful shrimp exactly as shown in his
photos. It can attain a size of 3 to 4 cm.
Regarding why shrimps dissapear in aquarium, I have a few reasons:

1. Their life span are genetically short.
2. Lack of calcium to supplement their exoskeleton.
3. Eaten by tankmates.
4. Died of starvation or malnutrition.( Try feeding them at night
   when the lights are off, so that other fishes will not compete)
5. They get suck into the filter, especially their offspring.
   ( I always found living shrimps at the bottom of my trickle filter
     box, so I net them out and returned them to the aquarium)
'Confusion is the road to enlightenment'
enjoy :)
S S Chua
Merry Xmas