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Members have suggested that "pushing duckweed to the side of the tank with
water movement" will kill it. Not my experience at all. The stuff can get
almost an inch and a half thick, and still thrive under such conditions. It
only dies if the water circulation that is causing the "duckweed drift" STOPS
MOVING, because that allows the water around the duckweed to become foul from
the stuff on the surface of the duckweed decomposing, which can rapidly start
a sort of "chain reaction" in which the duckweed DEEP IN THE MIDDLE of the
pile will die and decompose.  But the Duckweed on the outside thrives on the
materials released by the decomposition of the dead stuff.

Heck, Duckweed will grow in a body of water, if SMOKE from burning dead and
dried duckweed TOUCHES THE WATER.  Well, not really - but it sure seems like
it!  I do not know if Duckweed produces seeds - it DOES bloom - but it will
certainly reappear in any outdoor body of water after the ice melts in the
spring. The reappearance of Duckweed is more reliable than swallows returning
to Capistrano. 

No gospel truth here, but that is my experience!


JOlson8590 at AOL_com
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Cambridge, Iowa