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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1151

Hi!  I'm looking for a 36 inch light set-up that is as CHEAP as possible. 
 I have looked over the various catalogs I receive and the best deal I 
saw was "Advance T-12, powers 2 30 watt bulbs (End caps included???)" for 
31.99.  I am hoping to install enough light so that I can add a DIY CO2 
system.  For a 45-gallon tank, I figure the closest I can get to the 3 
watts per gallon rule-of-thumb is 120 watts total by adding 4 standard 30 
watt lights.  ANY suggestions on where I can find better deals, or 
suggestions on HO, VHO ballasts would be greatly appreciated.  My plants 
are in such a sorry state that the quality of the ballast(s) is not of 
major concern.

Happy Holidays!
Tony Borich

P.S. Checked Menards (hardware store), fish stores couldn't find anything