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Aquatic Plants in Singapore

Hi Kwek Leong,

Here is the revised edition on my post to the APD.  I'll probably send a
copy to Deric, Edward and Karin too when I post it.  Thanks for reminding
me of them especially Edward.  I still have to send them my thanks and
holiday cheers.  

This is kind of off topic but some of the members of the list might find
this interesting.

I posted a few weeks ago regarding where one might purchase aquatic plants
while honeymooning in Singapore with my wife Stella.  I received numerous
response from Singaporean members
of the list.  One of them was from Loh Kwek Leong, coordinator of the local
Aquatic Garderners Group.  He was also my gracious host during my short
stay and showed me around the different shops specializing in planted

I felt like a kid at candy store.  Almost everything and anything you need
for a planted tank is for sale.  There are shops specializing in Dupla,
Amano's Nature Aquarium goods, Tropica plants plus lots of fish and plant
farms.  It was not possible to visit all of them on three days but one of
the shop we visited was Crowntol, the dealer for Amano goods and Dennerle. 
Their display tanks were very impressive.   Another great shop we manage to
visit was Q Aquaplanter which is owned by Deric Ong.  Deric specializes in
Tropica plants and of course TMG.  I bought some very nice plants and a
bottle of TMG here.

Where else can you find Eheims, laterite, plants and fishes at prices very
cheaper.  I snapped up a few SAEs and Oto's at around $1 each.  I heard
SAEs cost around $8 in the US.  I also got some Cardinal Japonicum shrimps
but wish I got some of the Yamato-numa Ebi (Amano Shrimps) too.  There are
over a 100 fish stores on this small island and the competition probably
keeps the prices down.

Plants farms export plants to other parts of the world.  One of them is
Karin Leow's Far East Aquatics.  She even has a website at
http://homer.pacific.net.sg/~fareastaquatic/.  A visit to this farm is a
if your shopping for plants and accessories.  I came out grinning with
enough plants to pack my 4 ft tank full without making a hole in my pocket.

The popularity of planted tanks in Singapore is risng thanks mainly to the
Internet.  The Aquatic Gardeners Group that Loh Kwek Leong helped to form,
also gets credit.  He and his fellow member has noted a sharp increase in
the number of
hobbyist ever since the group came into existence.  For those
members of the APD who are planning a tour of Asia stop by Singapore and
see what I'm talking about.  You might even get a chance to meet Loh Kwek
Leong's and some of his fellow members.
Thanks to all the Singaporean members who responded to my post, especially
Kwek Leong and Edward Yow.  Edward took time from his busy schedule to join
us at the farm.  Khew Sin Sun also offered to be my host but unfortunately
we were unable to get together.

Jonathan Uy
Cebu City, Philippines
5js at usc_edu.ph

P.S.  Before you buy any plants and fish from Singapore or any other
country for that matter please check with your local customs office for
their policies on bringing in flora and fauna into your country.  Without
permits or papers your precious plants and fishes could be confiscated and
you can be fined.