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Re: Results of regulating DIY CO2

>Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 11:07:47 -0500
>From: Noel Llopis <llopis at zonker_ecs.umass.edu>
>Subject: Results of regulating DIY CO2
>Thanks to everybody who replied to my email a few days ago.
>I was concerned that I was putting too much CO2 in my 29 gallon
>tank with a DIY CO2 system, because my pH was going down dangerously.
>It turns out that, as most of you suggested, I wasn't putting too
>much CO2, I just have a very low KH. So I went, bought a KH measuring
>kit, and... it was so low that I thought the kit wasn't working.
>I guess the water around here has a KH < 1 (and the pH is around 7.2-7.3).
>So I followed the advice from this mailing list and the Krib, and added
>a small amount of sodium bicarbonate. Now, my KH is up to 2, and the
>pH has risen accordingly to around 6.8 (which I really like). Also, it
>to be much more constant than before.
>- --Noel


I am in a similar low KH situation and have read a lot about adding sodium
bicarbonate to increase KH.  My question is:  Is this a one time addition to
the water?  Do I have to add more periodically?  ( I realize I would with
water changes).