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Green Water

Steve Dixon wrote:

>I've just come out of a green water problem quite successfully by
>following Karen Randall's advice.  Two steps:  1.  Eliminate excess
>nutrients in the water column (through water changes).  2.  Darken the
>tank for 4 or 5 days (I used a dark blanket and duct tape and kept the
>lights off the entire time feeding the rainbows once a day in the dark
>- -- poor things!). 

Just a couple of notes.  While, of course, any excess nutrient problem
should be corrected before darkening the tank, the main reason for a BIG
water change just before wrapping it is to remove as many algae cells as
possible from the tank.  If you kill off huge masses of algae in a tank, it
may overload your bacterial filter.  The bacterial activity may reduce O2
to levels that are dangerous to your fish.

I would prefer not to feed the fish at all during this period.  The fish
can easily go a week without food if they are well fed and in good health
before the beginning of their "fast".

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association