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Filamentous Green Algae

> From: Stephen Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
> If you want to kill filamentous green algae to avoid their introduction
> into your aquarium, I only know of the Krombholz bleach treatment for
> this purpose. If you want to pioneer a different chemical for this
> purpose, you'll need to prepare a series of tests using a range of
> algae, solution strengths and treatment times such as Paul Krombholz did
> in developing the bleach treatment. 

Also don't forget Ameca splendens as an eater of filamentous green
algae once you are cursed with this unfortunate plague.  I've now
completed both phases of "research" on these guys: One of our tanks
was overgrown with algae at the time we swapped in some A. splendens.
Especially bad, since the plants were all delicate, small-leaved
things, easily damaged by trying to physically remove the algae.  A
month after the fish were in there (only sparse feedings), the algae
was gone.  Delicate plants were in good.  Recently (2 months back), we
swapped out the A. splendens for some "normal" fish.  The tank is now
plagued again.  Perhaps next time I will use A. splendens to "clean"
the plants, and then bleach-treat them.

> I have heard of potassium permanganate as a treatment for snails and
> snail spawn but discussions on that method have not been very fruitful.
> permanganate. Not sure if its mentioned in the aquaria FAQ pages or the
> Krib.

Just checked...Yes, it is. :)

  - Erik

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com