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waste tolerance

From: Charley Bay <charleyb at cytomation_com>
> My argument is that allelopathy is not a viable adaptive mechanism for
> aquatic plants.  Any toxic compounds that build up in our tanks are merely
> the result of waste products and not evolutionary success mechanisms
> to gain advantage over the neighbor.  While I concede that some species
> may be better at ingesting its own "urine", we should come up with another
> term for this that means "tolerates its own waste well".  In relation to
> aquatic plants, that will likely be specific to and useful only for aquariums
> or other small enclosed systems.

So, the information that would be good to have is, which plants are
waste-tolerant and which need the most water changing? The concept of
'plant excretion' is not familiar to me. Are there cases where this
is significant?

Cliff Lundberg ~ San Francisco ~ cliff at noevalley_com