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Allelopathy and stuff

Charlie wrote:
<<While I admit I do think about it now and then to explain
problems in my tanks I don't understand, and these threads
of discussion are plausible, the only (real) place where toxins
build up in aquatic systems allowing favor to one species over
another is probably in our tanks.>>

Absolutely right. AND, that is the only thing we are concerned with. What goes
on in our tanks.  The interactions of terrestrial plants in desert areas, and
in prairies, is not particularly germane to us. (Also, the terrestrial plants
have been and are intensively studied. No point in re-inventing the wheel.

Thus, I still feel that keeping records of "happenings" in our tanks, and
reporting them to each other is still useful. Hey, if nothing else, :-) it
will keep us out of trouble. We will be too busy.

By the way, when and if a subject HAS come up in APD in the past, and has been
intensively discussed, it does NOT help for a member who knows about this to
just sit there in the weeds, waiting for the latest discussion to subside.
Sometimes a simple one or two sentence reply can "nip in the bud" a discussion
that IS about to "re-invent the wheel."  How many times a month does another
question about ballasts come up? The person asking the question is NOT aware
that the subject has been intensively discussed, nor do they usually know that
the answers are already available in the Krib, etc. 

We can be friendly, helpful, and gracious, and STILL not have to constantly
give out the same answers.  

Or, I suppose, I could get off my own duff and just keep some simple files of
"answers" to frequently asked questions. It takes less total Internet
bandwidth to simply personally email the answer than it does to do what I am
doing right now - emailing the same answer to EVERYBODY. And __I__ am
constantly muttering about being overwhelmed with email. How embarrassing. :-/

I will not take my own advice and shut up.  May all your desired plants grow,
flourish, and reproduce rapidly, and may algae disappear from your tanks.
Blessings on all. 


Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa