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Spider Mites (silly)

Sorry, gang - can't resist!  I am retired from the Cooperative Extension
Service. This little silly comes from my many years of talking with adult
groups about terrestrial woody plants. I am totally responsible for this

There are two ways to kill RedSpider Mites. One is true, the other is just
fun. First the true way.

Blast 'em off the plants with a strong steam of water. It really works. Do it
every three days for about two weeks, to get all of 'em.  How does it work?
Glad you asked. The truth is, they crawl very slowly, and just never make it
back to the host plant, and the continual blasting gets all of the eggs, too.
The not-so-true answer is, "They are very social little critters. They die
from homesickness."

Fun way to get rid of 'em.  Spray the plants with Bourbon Whisky, then
sprinkle the plants with fine white sand. Works every time. How? Simple. They
all get drunk, and kill each other throwing rocks.


Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa