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Guest Guru Series

> Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 02:26:19 -0800
> From: Stephen Pushak 

I just wanted to say how much that I have enjoyed Stephen Pushak's and
Karen Randall's articles. I believe that we almost got Karen misquoted
again. <G> Thank you Stephen for telling us everything that we ever
wanted to know about substrates. (and then some)<G>

I would like to know if the soil substrates cause a mess when a plant
has to uprooted?
Also, how does one know if we have a reducing substrate. Whether soil or
laterite, how do we know if the iron is being made available to our
plants. At what depth does this begin to occur, and at what root density
does it cease? Also, I believe that you were quoting Paul Krombholz,
when you said that nitrates in the soil can make the iron unavailable.
Could either of you explain this further? Should this be a concern to
those adding plant tabs to the substrate? 
I hope that we can continue this featured speaker type of forum. There
are many that I would like to hear from. Paul K. being one of them. How
about it Paul? 

Pat Bowerman