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Re: Duckweed producing antiobiotics?

>I was doing some research over the last couple of weeks on the possability
>of using duckweed as a feed source for ornamental tropical fish. Apparantly
>its use is becoming more common in the production of food fish in the Third
>World and has many benefits. That's not my question though. (But I will
>heartily appreciate any information people have in that direction.) What my
>question really is, is I've found a few references to duckweed producing
>chemicals with antiobiotic properties that can help protect fish grown along
>with the duckweed.
>My thought is that the improved nutrition from the fish eating the duckweed
>is reponsible for a healtier immune system, but I suppose that it could be
>true. After all, we get penicillian from mold so why not from duckweed?
>Does anybody have any solid information on this?
>- -- dj

There is some plants that can do what you would like they do...:-) The plants of the Myriophillum familly, and especially Myriophillum Spicatum generate antibiotics... I use these plants since a long time... I don't have any fish disease ...

There is also a nice plant that generetate subsatances that algae don't like... Yes it's true and it works !!!  This nice plant is Ceratophillum demersum. :-)

Both are used with great success in a well planted 115 US gall aquarium.


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