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Re: Tank Life>

>Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 20:38:00 -0700 (MST)
>From: Michael D Nielsen <mnielsen at U_Arizona.EDU>
>Subject: Tank Life
>... Also a problem I
>have always seen is how is the water for water changes brought to the same
>pH of the tank system with the CO2 bringing the pH down?

This was my problem too!  I ended up reversing the situation, so to speak.
In my second version of my 60 gal tank setup, I put in a 35 gallon sump
tank.  Trickling in my water changes, 1) didn't have to heat the water
before the change and 2) didn't really have to worry about drastic changes
in PH with water changes into a CO2 injected tank.  I use five gallon water
jugs which I upend into a bucket with a 1/8" trickle tube.  At the end of
the tube is a el-cheapo plastic valve (used for air line control.  This
drips into my sump.  

When I want to change the water (remove water), I just 1) turn off the sump
pump, 2) unplug my sump pump tube (3/4" tubing), 3) redirect into a water
bucket and 4) turn on the pump.

This stuff was easy.  The real problem I had was to build a hex stand that
was open on two sides (so I could slip the 30 gal hex under the 60 stand.)
That will be another post, if anyone is interested.

Dave Casazza
dcasazza at netreach_net