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Duckweed producing antiobiotics?

I was doing some research over the last couple of weeks on the possability
of using duckweed as a feed source for ornamental tropical fish. Apparantly
its use is becoming more common in the production of food fish in the Third
World and has many benefits. That's not my question though. (But I will
heartily appreciate any information people have in that direction.) What my
question really is, is I've found a few references to duckweed producing
chemicals with antiobiotic properties that can help protect fish grown along
with the duckweed.

My thought is that the improved nutrition from the fish eating the duckweed
is reponsible for a healtier immune system, but I suppose that it could be
true. After all, we get penicillian from mold so why not from duckweed?

Does anybody have any solid information on this?

-- dj