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Reducing CO2 output and water reconstitution


>Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 05:45:02 -0600 (CST)
>From: Nathanael Henderson <jude at newton_pconline.com>
>To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>Subject: Reducing CO2 output and water reconstitution.
>Noel Llopis <llopis at zonker_ecs.umass.edu> wrote:
>: Even though I haven't created any sort of CO2 reactor yet, I believe
>: that I'm getting too much CO2 in the water. My bottle seems to put an
>: almost continuous stream of bubbles (through the air stone)
>   Since you don't have a reactor, there's always the quick-and-dirty
>method--grab the airline and give it a yank.  By reducing the depth of the
>end of the CO2 line in the tank you'll effectively reduce the contact time
>between the CO2 bubbles and the water, thus reducing how much CO2 actually
>goes into the water.
>Victor Eng <engfam at axionet_com> wrote:
>: I'm a reef aquarium keeper but I have just started a planted tank.  I use
>: R/O water for my reef tanks and I was thinking of using it for my 
>: planted tank.  I was wondering if anyone has used Tropic Marine
>: Re-Mineral or Kent Marine RO Right to reconstitute the water (pros/cons)?
>   The obvious pro is simply that it'll add some minerals that the plants
>will want, and should raise the KH a little.  The con is that the stuff is
>unnecisary and a touch expensive for what it does do.  As you said, baking
>soda and Epsom salts can add carbonate hardness and magnesium, and you
>might be surprised how much calcium and magnesium slip through the RO
>membrane anyway.  Since you're adding liquid fertilizers, minerals in the
>water  probably aren't a big concern.  (Although I wonder what merit those
>dry products might have as trace mineral fertilizers by themselves.)
>: and Dick Boyd's Freshwater Vitamin supplements (for my 100 Cardinal
>: Tetras).
>    I have yet to see a piece of research or even expert opinion that
>freshwater fish can effectively extract vitamins from the water.  Until I
>do, I'm putting the vitamin water addatives on the "snake oil" shelf.  If
>you're worried about your fish's nutrition, focus on the food.  (Which
>actually gets into the fish's stomach where vitamins WILL be absorbed. :-)
>Nathan H.
>"Wait 'till it falls asleep and pick it up by the tail."  --local wildlife
>management, on how to remove a skunk from your basement.