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Conditions in Vancouver BC and PMDD sources

>Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 13:39:17 -0800
>From: Victor Eng <engfam at axionet_com>
>Subject: Re: Karen's System? & Conditions in Vancouver BC

>I'm new to the list (also new to planted tanks) and I noticed that you are
>from B.C. :) Do you live in the Vancouver area?  I was wondering what your
>take on our local water is (what are we lacking)?  Also I was wondering (if
>you live around Vancouver) if you know of any shops that carry the
>materials for PMDD?  Thanks.  Take care & Happy Holidays.

>Victor Eng
>Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
>engfam at axionet_com

Solar Greenhouse and Hydroponics Supply in Burnaby, BC (30 min East of
 Vancouver) carries Plant Products Co. Ltd "Chelated Micronutrient Mix",
as well
as K2SO4 and KNO3 (Potasium Sulfate and Potasium Nitrate).

K2SO4 - 1 pound $1.95
KNO3   - 1 pound $2.95
Trace   - 100g  $4.95

The trace element mix is (I believe) the same used by Sears/Conlin
Analysis is as follows (from the label)
Fe      7%
Mn      2%
Zn      0.4%
Cu      0.1%
B       1.3%
Mo      0.06%

EDTA    42%
DTPA    13%

Somone on the list (Tim Mullins?) mentioned that this mix no longer
containg Boron (B).  The
label on the shelf stated the analysis above, but Solar repackages it
from bulk, so
the label may be old - just a warning.

-Pete Schmidt
In Bellingham, WA - Where there are no other planty people :(