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Re: Steve's nutrient method

I made an error in stating that 1/8 tsp of calcium carbonate per ten
gallons gives 10 ppm. Please excuse my mistake; it was quite late. I
believe the correct value is about 1/3 tsp per ten gallons. 1 tsp per
ten gallons gives about 30 ppm and 2 tsps per ten gallons gives 60 ppm.
Anyway, those are the proper dosages for water with no calcium in it: 2
tsps for each 10 gallons of replacement water for the first month and
then 1 tsps for each 10 gallons of replacement water after that. 

Remember to check the actual calcium concentration of your tap water (on
average) and adjust the dosages accordingly. The precise values are not
critical so use an average value if the calcium levels fluctuate
depending upon where your water utility is getting its water.

In many cases, your tap water will already contain sufficient calcium
and magnesium such as if the water comes from a well or river. In
Vancouver and other areas with very high rainfall, our water comes from
reservoirs in the surrounding mountains and is extremely low in