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Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1135

I ve been keeping two kinds of shrimp for a long time.  I keep Ghost
Shrimp and another called Chinese Whisker Shrimp.   I keep them  with
Rainbowfish and in my mixed Anabantids tank, but not in the same tank
together.  I found last year that the rainbowfish fish's color and
health improved when I use mineral blocks.  When I started to use the
blocks the GS would last in the tank longer and be more active.  Last
month a friend asked if I had a spare CWS male to go with his two
females.   I gave him an egg carrying female, which I thought was male
due to it being a bit larger then his other females . My friend ended up
with a bunch of babys that didn't last long.  The CWS is omnivorous and
will eat small or baby fish, for that they share the Anabantids tank.
The CWS are eating something in the tank and the fish are all accounted
for. The trace mineral blocks seem to help the plants to in the tanks
that get them.      Remember what may work for me or anyone else,  may
not work for the next person.        Just my two cents on the shrimp.
Jim C.

From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
Subject: More on Ghost Shrimp

Has anyone here been successful at keeping a ghost shrimp population
alive for a year or more and had good success with them controlling
hair algae?  If so, what size of population do you keep?

Roger Miller