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Considering Opening a Retail Aquarium Shop


A friend and myself are considering firing our bosses and opening our own 
Aquarium Shop.  Our target is sometime next fall, we have two locations in 
mind to choose from.  We have a good idea of the work involved and how we 
will handle it.  What we don't have a handle on is the financial end (uh, 
pretty important stuff-be nice to not have to moonlight after the first 
year).  Things like, how much does the average customer spend? (nowhere 
near what we spend:^} )  I know shop rent should be in the neighborhood of 
8-10% of gross receipts, but what about Salaries? Utilities? Inventory?  I 
know this is not exactly the correct forum, but if anyone has any 
information and/or experiences I would appreciate it if you would share 
them with me.  Please e-mail me privately at odwyerpw at capital_net so as to 
not annoy everyone else on the list.

Thank You
Peter W O'Dwyer
odwyerpw at capital_net