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Nutrient limitation, Loaches and Mites

Subject: Re: Nutrient limitation

David W. Webb wrote:

>Karen mentioned removing all dead or dying plant material from tanks.  I
>run ultra-low maintenance tanks now because I flat-out can't afford to put
>much time into them.  I rarely remove anything from my tanks except during
>water changes.  

Just to be clear, if you are not having algae problems in a tank, you don't
need to be quite as diligent about the removal of dead and dying leaves.
In fact, they can be a useful nutrient source for the tank.  But if you are
battling algae, you want to control the nutrient level in the water as much
as possible.  The same goes of manual removal of algae.


>Subject: Re: clown loaches
>Can anyone tell me why we are unable to raise clown loaches?  We have
>spent a lot of money on them and cannot seem to keep them for more than
>a couple of weeks.  Sometimes it is a matter of days before they go.  We
>have checked everything in the tank.  The temp, ph, ammonia, water
>hardness...it all looks good. 

Have you checked for copper?  These fish are quite intolerant of copper.

Subject: Spider mites in paludarium

>>I just found an orchid with spider mites in my 150g paludarium.  I have
>>since removed the plant and am concerned that the will spread.  I know
>>they will.  Since I can't use insecticides I have decided to buy some
>>predatory mites to take care of them.  Has anybody had any experience
>>with this problem?  Karen, I know you have a paludarium, any
>>suggestions?  By the way I had my plants go through a quarantine period
>>before adding them into my tank.  It didn't help unfortunately.  I
>>quarantine for at least 2 months and sometimes even more. 

Sorry, I wish I could give you an esy answr.  The one time I got spider
mites in a paludarium. I had to empty the entire land section, and treat
the plants outside the tank.  Then I replaced the soil, gravel underneath
and everything to make sure they were all gone.  Since then, (knock on
wood) quarantining has prevented a reinfestation.

Good luck!

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association