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Re: Decaying Plants???

>Date: Fri, 12 Dec 97 10:54:20 -0500
>From: "Boris Kaushansky"<boris_kaushansky at datascope_com>
>Subject: Decaying plants???
>     Green algae has taken over
>     and the broad leaf plant are looking frail.

Get some siamensis to rid the algae.  Also, if you are dosing everyday with
fertilizer I suspect thast you are providing the algae with what they need.
You might try reducing your lighting cycle to 10 hours.  I recently had a
_terrible_ algae problem.  It was a new plant tank and the algae was
everywhere.  I added SAE's, reduced the light cycle, and stopped
fertilizing.  The algae problem has subsided for now.  I only dose when I
feel that the plants are in need.  I gained this piece of knowledge from
reading the multiple posts of Karen Randall.  One needs to look at the
plants in terms of  their growth needs and understand what they are visibly
telling you.

>  Secondly, portions of the leaves are turning
>     brown and deteriorating.  They never seem to turn yellow, just brown.

Possible _over_ fertilization.

>     The tank is a 25g with 2 x 20W lights (triton & trichromatic)

You need more light for maximum plant growth; i.e., 2x's the tank gallonage.

>     At least half the tank surface area is planted.

My initial error too.  Plant _dense_; i.e., 75 % of the total bottom area
should be covered.

>     Any ideas as to what is causing the leaf browning or the alagal
>     blooms??

Is the bloom white or green?  If white - wait for a week - it will clear.
If green - ask someone else because I have never had this problem.

Hope this helped.

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