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Decaying plants???

     I've been having a problem with my tank.  Green algae has taken over 
     and the broad leaf plant are looking frail.  Specifically, the amazon 
     which shoot out long thin leaves rather than the broad ones.  Each 
     lead is very "veiny".  Secondly, portions of the leaves are turning 
     brown and deteriorating.  They never seem to turn yellow, just brown.
     The tank is a 25g with 2 x 20W lights (triton & trichromatic)
     3" substrate
     pH -6.8
     kh - 4 
     PO4 - 0.4 mg/l
     NO2-N - 0.4 mg/l
     lights are on for 12 hours per day and the tank is lightly stocked 
     with fish.
     Bacopa, broad leaf amazon (sorry don't know the name), rotala 
     rotundifolia, java moss
     At least half the tank surface area is planted.
     I feed the fish daily, and dose the tank with ferro vit (iron sup) 
     weekly, floreal is added during water changes of 10% every 4 days.
     Any ideas as to what is causing the leaf browning or the alagal