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Re: Ghost SHrimp ID

     >I have also gotten these same shrimp at 8 for $1 and while they do 
     >eat my algae very well, they always die after a few weeks in my 
     >tanks, no matter which tank they are in.  No one picks on them and 
     >they really clean up on the algae.  I was wondering if very low KH 
     >and GH might be causing problems with their exoskeleton formation?
     If your shrimp are dying immediately after or during a molt, then I 
     would suspect low calcium.  Crustaceans have the ability to conserve 
     and store calcium, though, so your water would have to be practically 
     calcium-free for this to occur.  Also, many eat their discarded 
     exoskeletons as a means of reclaiming lost nutrients.
     Otherwise, I suspect you may have a brackish/saltwater species, 
     probably Palaemonetes vulgaris or P. pugio, aka grass shrimp.  These 
     are two common species found along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts; one 
     can literally collect hundreds of these shrimp with a a seine along 
     any coastal marsh, with little effort.
     These shrimp have a high tolerance for fresh water, but cannot survive 
     there permanently.  
     Kind regards,