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RE: Ghost Shrimp

Michael D Nielsen <mnielsen at U_Arizona.EDU> wrote:
> I have also gotten these same shrimp at 8 for $1 and while they do eat my
> algae very well, they always die after a few weeks in my tanks, no matter
> which tank they are in.  No one picks on them and they really clean up on
> the algae.  I was wondering if very low KH and GH might be causing
> problems with their exoskeleton formation?
> Any ideas?

That's exactly my observation and my problem.  They last
for several weeks, but they die off anyway no matter which 
tank they are in.  They eat the algae while alive, but I just 
can't keep them for very long.  ;-(

My water is very soft also (22ppm Ca/Mg).  However, I'd 
lose my red crabs very quickly too-- I can't seem to keep anything
with an exoskeleton (red crab dies within a week).  ;-(

I guess that means I shouldn't try for a reef, huh?

If any of you out there see them swimming around your
planted tank in a heavy current, though, it's a *beautiful*
sight to behold.

charleyb at cytomation_com