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Was nutrient limitation, now conversational kagaroo

Subject: Re: Nutrient limitation

>I've found that cyanobacteria do contribute organic nitrogen to the system.
>The process involves the cyanobacteria rapidly consuming nutrients until
>they become nutrient limited in some way other than nitrogen.  At this
>point, they begin to die off and decay, contributing their nutrients back
>to the system.

Any time you let any organic material decay within the system it will
release nutrients back into the system.  An important part of algae
management is manual removal of as much algae and deteriorating plant
material as possible.

It seems to me that we've come a long way from my initial statement that it
was possible to maintain nitrogen poor water and still provide an adequate
amount of nitrogen to the plants via the substrate.  I feel like we're
playing that "telephone"  kids game!<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association