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Acrylic (Plexyglass) construction techniques

I do not know how to bend the material, but I believe that your
technique of heating in oven and bending is similar to comercial
ventures methods.

For bonding the material together you acutally don't use a glue, but
rather a solvent which actually "welds" the material together.  I do not
remember the name of the stuff, but can look it up.  The stuff I have 
used I got at an Ace Hardware and it is called something like acrylic
cement or some such.  It is in the hobby section.  You also need an
applicator which they also sell.  Basically a small bottle with a very
thin spout which you squirt the stuff out of.  Hold the 2 pieces
together and squirt along the joint, capillary action will pull the
material across the joint.  Then just hold long enough for it to bond.

You can also contact an acrylic supplier to find larger quantaties of
the solvent.

Have fun.