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Possible Deficiency ?

Would someone be kind enough to diagnos what I suspect may be a possible
deficiency ?

Basically, small brown spots appear over the leaves of my plants - these
develop into much larger holes and eventually destroying the leaves. the
effect is more noticeable on my broader leaved plants.

I use PMDD and tank parameters are roughly as follows:-

PK 6.7-6.9, NO3 <10 mg/ltr, NO2 Nil, Fe circa 0.1, PO4 circa 0.015, GH 5, KH 3-4
Gallonage is 50 UK Gallons - 2ml of PMDD added daily

What do you think is causing this effect - I have ruled out my Discus,SAE`s
& Clown Loaches. If it is a deficiency - what would you add to correct it
and how much ?

Andy M Moore - England
andy at ascot_u-net.com