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New guy in town.....

Hello all! 

I am new to this list, but not to this hobby. I have dabbled with
aquatic plants, but due to the lack of anything decent in the local
shops I have not yet built a "real" plant tank. I really like the idea
of "low tech/low maintenance" approaches, and my pride and joy is a 55
gallon pallidarium (sp?). I cant tell you what the plants in it are but
they are flourishing like mad! The whole project cost me about $40, but
I already had the tank and stand. I used a method that I saw in FAMA,
where I used a layer of clay cat litter with sand and a scattering of
gravel for the water portion's substrate. I used no fertilizer, and no
additives, though a few reptiles and amphibians have contributed to the
nitrogen in the most natural of all methods of fertilizing (rotting, not
defecating though I'm sure the latter helps some). The plants grew so
rapidly that in a month they proved that they grow even faster in the
emersed state. I believe it is a hygrophilia species. Anyway, I have two
questions for the group. First, I am going to do some planted aquaria
now and am pondering modifying my clay/sand substrate by adding a little
bit of peat to the clay cat litter layer along with some fish food for
"fertilizer". How does that souind? I am also wondering if there is
anyone out there within an hour or so of Louisville KY that has some
plants to sell. Im looking for Java moss, Annubias sp., and Crypts. If
you arent near Louisville and think shipping would work, I would go that
route too.

Sorry for the rambling post...
Scott McLaughlin