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Re: allelopathy

(Sorry if this went out already, but I didn't see in on my end, so here it is

     Hello all,
    I've run across a reference several times during research, but the library
here doesn't carry the journal to the specified volume.  Anyway, this article
is cited as having dealt with allelopathic suppression of algae by
macrophytes.  It is.....

    Phillips, G.L, D. F. Eminson and B. Moss, 1978. A mechanism to account for
macrophyte decline in progressively eutrophicated freshwaters.  Aquatic Botany

  I haven't actually seen the article, but it was referenced as such.  I
realize that our aquaria aren't (hopefully) eutrophic, but perhaps the article
has some references that are relevent.
              Somewhat on topic,
                      Tony Thorpe