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Re: broken APD V2 #1125, broken Anubias, and mangroves (whole)

>Did anyone besides me lose the bottom half of V2 #1125, right after the
>Mangroves question?   Jim C.
I did, too.

>Subject: re:Splitting Anubias rhizome, algaed Anubias, ...
>I had a Boo Boo yesterday and I need someone to tell me that my plant
>will be okay.  I bought a beautiful Anubias barteri yeaterday and
>while on the way home it got rolled over by a gallon of milk.  BIG
>SNAFU on My part.  Never put plants in the trunk with the groceries
>and then slam on the brakes.....  Anyway,  The rhizome was snapped in
>two sections one about 6 " long the other about 4" long.  I need some
>reassurance that the plant will be okay.  These are some of my first
>plants and I just need to know if I just killed them.

My experience with Anubias that one can get plants from even very small
sections of stem, even as small as 1/2 inch.  Anubias is the plastic plant
that grows.

>> Hello...Does anyone have experience with growing MANGROVES in
>> aquariums???You can e-mail me direct  and/or to the list. Thanks Mike B.
>I am interested in this as well.  A local supplier sometimes has small
>mangrove plants available.  I am interested in growing these in an open
>topped tank, but I wonder whether they will survive if initially submersed
>(the plants are perhaps 12 inches tall - the tank is 30 inches tall) or if
>I would need to elevate them somehow?
There was an article about growing mangrove seedlings in freshwater tanks
in the Dec., 1995 issue of American Fish Magazine.  I believe I recall that
the author, Julian Sprung?, offered to mail mangrove seedlings to
interested people for a modest fee.

Paul Krombholz, in moist warm Jackson, Mississippi