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thanks to all

    I'd like to tank everybody in this list. Your help was great and
very important for the results I'm having with my small aquarium.
Everything is going very well I had a blue green algae problem solved
with antibiotics coming back but with the knowledge I have from you
about nutrients I stopped that problem creating a phosphate poor system
adding a small amount of KNO3.
My plants are growing well and fast the problem with the Bacopa I had
came from my fantasy.
My tank is really nice and I'm trying to take some picture of it.
It's algae free except for a very little green algae on a piece of wood,
but with no algae eater at all I think this is normal.
Few days ago I started searching for ADA, all I can say it's WOW.
Anybody out there with a nature aquarium running?

Anyway thanks everybody
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)